Building measurements and surveys

Laser measurement and CAD drafting

Laser measurement and CAD drafting of your building. Get your building on AutoCAD DWG or Vectorworks VWX
Our measurement service is to provide you with as-built drawings of your existing building or property.
Our clients are Property Owners, Facility Managers, Architects, Engineers, Designers, and Tenants.
The as-built drawings are used for Area Calculations and Analysis, Predesign draft, DGNB and LEED certification application, Aquisition Due Diligence, Area Dispute Resolution, Lease Marketing, Facility Management.
We use laser distance meters and mobile CAD stations for building measurement on site. We further process the on-site data according to the specific requirements of the client. Layers diagram is previously agreed with the client together with all the requirements for data survey, Materials BoQ, Photos, etc. according to the specific application of the building survey.


In addition to the floor plans we can provide you with the following serveys:

  • Furniture and equipment
  • Electrical and data fixtures
  • HVAC elements
  • Water and Sewerage elements
  • Fire plan and details
  • Ceiling plan
  • Doors and windows specification
  • Structural elements scanning
  • Partition walls identification
  • BoQ of the building materials and sufaces
  • Area calculations according to ISO 9836
  • Sections, Elevations and 3D models
  • BIM - Building Information Model

Digital photographs are provided.

Blueprints scanning and digitalizing:
Send us your blueprints and technical drawings for digitalization and save them from degradation and safe your time trying to find the plan that you need.
We digitalize your drawings using a large-format scanner and submit them to you in high-resolution PDF or fully vectorized in DWG or VWX file format.